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Here are some ways to support the Apples-For-AS Apple Paint-A-Thon and the Spondylitis Association of America. Matching funds from a private foundation will apply!

FOR $25: Original 5”x5” Apples created at the event. $20 of $25 will go to the Spondylitis Association of America

FOR $50: Commemorative Art Poster 24” x 36” (above) $30 of each poster will go to the Spondylitis Association of America

FOR $75: Receive both a 5”x5” Original Apple and the Commemorative Art Poster

FOR $500: Commission an apple to adorn your boardroom, lobby, or home with a personal note from Jenna and a photograph of her creating your piece at the event. Ideal for healthcare practices and businesses - A 10” x 10” original Acrylic on canvas paper & 100% of Net Proceeds go to the Spondylitis Association of America.

Send us your apple - for more information on how your apple can help us raise money for the Spondylitis Association of America please visit us at The Feeding Edge

Smaller Prints will be available at the event for $5

For more general questions, media inquiries, or sponsorship information, please contact us via thefeedingedge@gmail.com

Recent Donations

Name Amount Comment
Liz Horton $25.00
Kate Wolfe-Jenson $25.00 Your work is beautiful. Your process is inspirational. Thank you!
Barbara Karpp $25.00
Amy Arndt $25.00
Kylie Mason $25.00
Judy K $25.00 Thank You for a year of beautiful apples and encouraging thoughts!
Channing and $100.00 Congratulations Jenna! We love you and are awed by your commitment and courage.
Esther Hickman $50.00 So thrilled to have my very own luscious apples!
The Wagg $50.00
Kazzi $25.00 Well done Jenna - You are a true inspiration!!
Dr. Barry $25.00
Gene Gene $25.00
Craig Gimbel $25.00
Dee and $100.00 Congratulations Jenna! Although we have never met, we are so proud of you for undertaking this monumental event. We are friends of your wonderful parents and have had the pleasure of spending time with them on Vinalhaven Island for the past three years. Y
Deb McCandless $100.00 4-5 x 5 Apple paintings
Lydia Jeffcoat $25.00 Love day 362, the cow!
Irwin Lim $75.00 Congratulations!
Pat Ibanez $25.00
Bethany Birkett $25.00 Very Best Wishes!
Phil Phil $50.00 May God bless you for all you do
MaryCay McMullen $25.00
Janelle Gingrich-Caudle $25.00 Thank you Jenna! I'm so proud of you. I love you Girlfriend!!!
Mirelle Vargas $75.00 Thank you so much Jennifer for your amazing job. I´m really proud of you. You have been an inspiration in my life. Thanks for your friendship. Love for you!!!
Mary Ann $25.00 Thank you Jenna! You are everything that is beautiful inside and out!
Heather and $25.00 One day when the "Apple of My Eye" gets a little older. I will show her my apple I contributed on Mother"s Day to your campaign. It will be my way to open a dialogue between me and my daughter about my AS. I will continue to fight this dis
Anonymous Donor $100.00
Katharine Meola $25.00
John Scanlon $150.00 Jenna, you're truely and inspiration and I admire your strenght and courage. Thanks for everything you are doing to raise awareness for AS.
Cindy Lau $25.00 Go Jenna go
Betty $50.00 Will be thinking of you on Fri/Sat... Go, Jenna! from 'Down Under'
Madeline/Macaddin/Parker $75.00
Prisca and $25.00 Good Luck with the fundraising!
Mike Clark $25.00
Janice Pompeo $25.00 Fantastic!! I've shared on facebook
Duncan MacDougall $50.00
Steve Rodimak $50.00 Thank You
Alex Scott $25.00 Nice job Jenna!
Pamela Harris $25.00 Terrible disease / Wonderful idea to raise awareness and funds.
Esther Hickman $25.00
Rob Paterson $25.00 Money well spent on a fantastic cause and you get a hand drawn apple by a fab artist. win win. Good luck with it all, wish I could be there in person
Kim (Jason's $25.00
Nathan Dye $25.00 Whoop-Whoop!!
Jim Culpepper $50.00
Joan Jones $25.00
Maya Klauber $35.00 Jenna: Congratulations on reaching this incredible milestone! I adore you, and although you'll never understand just how much you mean to me and the entire arthritis community, know that you're a hero. Thank you for your beautiful artwork (a highlight of
Lori-Nan Mihaley $25.00 We were unaware of this form illness. Your Aunt Jill (who you look very much like) sent us this email. It is wonderful when someone makes a grass root effort to solve problems. We greatly respect your efforts and are happy to contribute
Lynette Gault $25.00 Awesome job Holly.... :)
Lou Ann $25.00
Amber Culpepper $25.00
Danielle Doty $50.00 Good Luck!!
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